Hypoallergenic medical tape Neosilk®

Indications :
◘ Fixing and Maintaining dressings and medical equipment.
Propriétés :
◘ Hypoallergenic, High cutaneous tolerance and Subsequently
◘ High adhesive power
◘ Breathable
◘ Resistant to water and dust
◘ Painless removal
◘ Strips to be cut according to the user’s needs.
◘ Hand tearable
◘ Permeable to air and water vapor.
◘ Guaranteed an optimal level of hygiene at the level of wounds.
◘ Soft material for extra confort.
◘ For short term use.
◘ Biocompatible product.
Self-marking : CE

Catalogue produit
EAN Référence Dimension Type Colisage
Gamme officinale
6192421726431 F15003 2,5cm x 5m Rouleau 10 rouleaux
6192421726448 F15004 5cm x 5m Rouleau 10 rouleaux
Gamme Hospitalière
6192421718535 H30000 1,25cm x 5m sleeve  1 sleeve de 5 rouleaux
6192421718542 H30001 2,5cm x 5m sleeve  1 sleeve de 5 rouleaux
6192421718559 H30002 5cm x 5m sleeve  1 sleeve de 3 rouleauxt
6192421719419 H30003 2cm x 5m sleeve  1 sleeve de 5 rouleaux


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